Register for school

It’s public school registration time! San Antonio-area ISDs provide clear direction on how to register or re-enroll your child. Prior to filling out their online applications, we’ve provided guidance to help you choose and organize.   We’ve included direct links to school district registration pages as well as a list of questions that might help in the decision-making process.  

What should I consider when choosing a school?

Top 10 Questions in Choosing a School for Your Child

  • # 1 - Is the school in your neighborhood?

    Strong public school systems support a connected community.  Find your school here.

  • #2 - Are the teachers certified?

     Public school teachers are board-certified to ensure reliable and effective learning.

  • #3 - Is a counselor and nurse on staff?

    Public schools provide school counselors to support students and teachers in a variety of ways, while school nurses offer health care for physical well-being of students.

  • #4 - Is the curriculum well-rounded?

    Rich and diverse public school curriculum challenges students to think critically and engage in learning.

  • #5 - Is technology incorporated into learning?

    Public school classrooms are well-stocked with the technological tools and devices needed to balance technology with hands-on teaching.

  • #8 - What after-school programs are available for students?

    Public schools can offer after school and before school programs through the school campus or by teaming with childcare businesses and after school activity/tutoring programs.

  • #9 - Are teachers required to continue professional development?

    Public school teachers receive ongoing professional development that keeps them current on innovative teaching strategies and tools. 

  • #10 - Is there transparency in schools?

    Public schools provide uncomparable transparency for public accountability and communication.

What information do I need to register my child?

How do I show proof of address if I have not yet moved into the area?

If you have a contract binding on a home with a closing date or a move-in date before the start of the next school year, you will be required to show the contract to the school administration to complete registration. 

Who is allowed to transfer/register a student?

By law, only the child’s biological parent, legal guardian, or a person with legal control of the child is allowed to enroll a student in public school.

What if my child needs special services?

If your child has any disabilities or if you suspect that they might need special services, you will need to contact the Special Education department at the child’s school.  They can evaluate the student to determine which accommodations your child may need.