Floresville ISD Focuses on Social and Emotional Learning

Educating the Whole Child

Floresville ISD prepares students for success by providing not only exceptional academic opportunities, but also social and emotional support for our students. Every secondary student takes a researched-based strengths assessment identifying their top five strengths. Teachers use researched based strategies to build relationships with students that connect them to their peers, school, and community. Elementary and middle school students create social contracts in every class that define how they will treat one another and the values that they want to see as they learn.  This gives students a voice in their educational experience.

Students create social contracts on how they’ll treat each other.

FISD provides peer-mentoring opportunities for students. For instance, Link Crew, an organization made-up of upperclassmen, mentor freshmen throughout the year to ensure a successful transition to high school. They also hold a 6th grade camp to help the difficult transition from elementary to middle school. Incoming 6th graders are able to learn the campus, meet teachers and peers as well as set goals for their first year at Floresville Middle School. Learn more about Floresville ISD here.

Teachers Inspire

District Roundup: NOV 2018 – Inspiring Hearts, Minds and Ideas

Leadership and community is our November theme this year where students in public schools learn to connect to their hearts, expand their minds and to create ground-breaking ideas. Our public schools have a crucial role in helping to cultivate a civic-minded community of the future. Read more about our educators that go out of their way to make mastery of standards fun, to schools learning the importance of giving back in this edition of the District Round-up.