Public Education in San Antonio Book by Bobby Blount and Bexar County School Boards Coalition

San Antonio is a large city known for its small-town feel. The 20 Independent School Districts (ISDs) in the San Antonio area share a closeness and collaborative spirit reflective of this close community. 

The ISDs Board of Trustees work together through the nonprofit “Bexar County School Boards Coalition” which was created for and by these boards. 

Through the leadership of the Bexar County School Boards Coalition, this book describes the education environment in the San Antonio area. 

It shares the stories of each of the 20 ISDs and describes the actions they took during the first 60-days of the COVID-19 outbreak in Texas. 

Finally, it provides the history and impact of the “Go Public” campaign. This regional campaign is promoting the great things happening in traditional public schools.

Explore the San Antonio district map here.

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