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San Antonio-area public schools believe that involvement in fine arts studies is as valuable to a student’s education as other core subjects. Whether a student plans to eventually achieve an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) or is interested in drawing as a hobby, there is something for everyone when it comes to the fine arts program. Beginning in pre-k and throughout a student’s education, the many benefits of art and music education are foundational to our schools’ innovative and exceptional art curriculum. 

What is “fine art?”

Fine Arts are made up of the main classical branches of art: painting, architecture, and sculpture.  Additional subdivisions included in the definition of fine arts include literature, music, performing arts, and film. Fine art is basically any creative art that is appreciated for its aesthetic, imaginative, or intellectual value.

This creative art can include sculpture, architecture, drawing, photography, literature, poetry, digital art, interactive media, literature review, film making, and video production.  Students who are more interested in music or performing arts may find that their art education leans toward music education, symphony, marching band, drama club, or dance team. In San Antonio, traditional public schools offer a variety of core music programs that follow national standards for music education. These programs help prepare some students who desire to be music majors at the college level.

Fine arts programs in San Antonio public schools

The relationship between arts education and academics

Studies show that music education and art education in schools can positively impact students’ intellectual development by aiding learning throughout all other academic areas. The relationship between arts education and other academic subjects can benefit all children. It engages multiple areas of the brain by exercising fine motor skills, enhancing creativity, improving emotional balance, and expanding social skills. Fine arts education programs contribute to their students’ ability to be self- directed leaders and learners. It offers an environment where students can collaborate and connect on various educational themes. Performance art also allows a higher level of physical activity that other courses may not provide. From ballet to the school marching band, performing arts students are constantly alert and active.

Art as socialization

Art students prepare year-round for exciting competitions.  Students have the opportunity to compete in district, regional, and state-wide tournaments, some reaching the national competition level.  Coaches and teachers are first-rate instructors with experience and expert knowledge in their fields, and they show an unparalleled commitment to their students and genuine enthusiasm for their success.

San Antonio public schools provide the traditional fine arts courses and artistic clubs, such as music, band, drama, video, film, photography, pottery, painting, as well as the smaller subdivisions within the main fine arts categories. Our schools appreciate the importance of art and art education, and the options and opportunities San Antonio districts serve cover many interests, skills, and individual needs.

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Benefits to students involved in fine arts:


  • Art challenges and affects students in different ways and at various skill levels, introducing new and exciting methods of learning.
  • Fine Arts programs are continually changing, providing an exciting and dynamic experience for each student to explore.
  • The Arts advances students’ self-esteem and self-expression, making them self- motivated learners.
  • A 2010 study in Missouri found that art education leads to higher attendance, test scores, and graduation rates.


Over the past two years, the student bus art initiative brings art into the community, while providing opportunities for students to see their work in a larger-than-life context. A vibrant collage of students’ artwork along the streets of San Antonio features an array of perspectives. It also positively affects the self-esteem and future of some of the students who participate.

Bus Art

Via Bus Art – Moving Visual Art Across San Antonio with Go Public

The incrediable moving art installation on city Via buses highlights the artistic talent of students throughout San Antonio-area’s Independent School Districts.

City Student art Billboards

Billboard and Bus Art

Students’ Art Inspires, Heals, and Builds Confidence in a Challenging World 

Go Public’s 2nd Annual Bus and Billboard Showcase generated 220 submissions from high school artists throughout San Antonio.

East Central ISD – Art Students Features on Go Public with David

East Central ISD – Art Students Pieces Featured on City Bus

“It’s a confidence booster,” says one student. It also gives students perspective on how to use their talents in service projects in their communities. Check out all the Go Public with David” segments. 


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