San Antonio public school districts’ STEM/STEAM programs

San Antonio’s public school districts provide innovative STEM and STEAM academic programs to all students. STEM education emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and STEAM programs take it to the next level by including the Arts.

STEM courses and the arts complement each other to achieve a more thorough and cohesive comprehension in the classroom. STEM/STEAM educational programs provide interdisciplinary instruction, which teaches students to think on a  more intellectual level.  Students use this skill in many areas of real life.

STEM programs in San Antonio public schools provide learning experiences that go beyond “technology in the classroom.”  Students use hands-on learning in individual and group settings. They learn skills to actively question, brainstorm, and make intellectual decisions, while they present and defend their work to their classroom instructors and peers. Students share ideas with one another and analyze multiple points of view.  They learn to understand and apply the technology needed to develop solutions to complex questions. STEM curriculum focuses on using technology in a responsible and ethical manner. Students are introduced to the many available STEM occupations and how their public school STEM classes can prepare them for the future.

STEM programs in San Antonio

San Antonio public schools’ STEM education programs provide a preparatory foundation for college courses and career paths in a multitude of subjects like astronomy, aerospace engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, math, psychology, mechanical engineering, calculus, statistics, robotics, etc.  STEM courses introduce and explore over 40 types of engineering career paths to students as early as elementary school.

Public school districts across the nation are required to comply with set educational standards, like the Common Core initiative. Texas schools instead adhere to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in Math (or Math TEKS) state standards.

Read more about the Texas TEKS Mathematics standards here.

Our public school districts’ STEM/STEAM courses offer students more than what a school of science and technology provides. Technology in schools encompasses a varied collection of classes and concepts that range from basic math and science classes to complex and abstract intellectual instruction. Students at all levels and in all San Antonio district locations appreciate the intensive, valuable STEM programs that our public schools provide.

STEAM STEM Science Math Technology Engineering

Benefits to students in STEM/STEAM programs:

  • Public school STEM programs offer students an advantage over classical education models in other schools by emphasizing and including the value of technology education in today’s world.
  • STEM technology in the classroom allows for superior teaching. In federally endorsed research, instructional technologies have proven to produce greater achievement and higher self-esteem among students than more traditional teaching methods, with favorable cost benefit ratios when implemented in schools.
  • One of the most significant benefits of STEM/ STEAM programs is that they foster a love of learning.