Alvin ISD’s “The Day” Inspires Community Service




Alvin ISD

Alvin ISD students, parents, and staff from each of the 31 campuses served their community on the 2nd annual “The Day”, which is Alvin ISD’s yearly community service project.
Thousands of AISD students completed over 200 service projects throughout the community. Some projects included washing cars, building care packages, gardening, visiting residents at retirement community residents, picking up trash, thanking first responders, and gathering items for the food bank.
“The Day is much more than just a one-day event,” said Alvin ISD Superintendent Carol Nelson. “It represents a much bigger movement. I think it truly represents what it means to be a part of Alvin ISD, to give of yourself, to do the little things and to truly change the world through acts of service.”


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