Klein Third-Grader Collects Food Pantry Items in Lieu of Birthday Gifts


Klein ISD, Benfer Elementary

When Benfer Elementary third-grader, Garrett Tuer, found out that Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) Choice Food Pantry, the Joanne Watford Nutrition Center, was in need of donations, he immediately responded to the call to action.

Garrett has been organizing donation drives for his birthday since Hurricane Harvey in 2017 when he heard that many children lost their beloved toys and stuffed animals during the disaster. “Each year, Garrett picks a charity to donate to for his birthday, and we have a really big party and treat it like a fundraiser,” Garrett’s mom, Rebekah, said. “He has an awareness for other people in need, so when I saw the Facebook post that the JWNC’s soup and cereal shelves were bare, it got us thinking.”

In lieu of birthday gifts, Garrett requested that his friends show up to his birthday party with donation items for the JWNC. After collecting, counting, and sorting, Garrett was happy to report that his donation drive brought in almost 400 donation items.

“More than 1,000 clients visit the Joanne Watford Nutrition Center each month,” NAM’s Chief Advancement Officer Brain Carr said. “It would be impossible to serve the community without neighborhood heroes like Garrett.”

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