NASA Flight Controller Inspires Angleton Students

100 fourth- and fifth-grade girls throughout Angleton ISD met with NASA’s flight controller, Emma Welch.  Welch is one member of a team of scientists and engineers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center that work together to train the flight teams for space.

She spoke to the girls regarding their plans for the future.  She encouraged the girls to never give up and to look at things from different perspectives. “Just because something is hard for you, doesn’t mean you aren’t good at it,” she said. “You might just need to look at it in a different way or practice more.”

Welch explained that the astronauts who will make the Orion space trips to Mars are currently between the ages of seven and seventeen.  It was a motivational moment for many of the girls in attendance, and several of them said they have been inspired to work for NASA one day!

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