Students and Teachers Keep Busy During Closures

Our Gulf Coast- area public schools have been diligently working to quickly get students the tools they need for successful online learning.  Community volunteers and school staff have come together to make sure students are safely accessing devices and at-home learning packets, as well as healthy breakfasts and lunches.  Teachers and administrators are lifting students’ spirits with events like teacher parades and social media learning!  It is so inspiring to see how our school districts and community are taking care of each other when it is most needed!





The instructional, technology, and administrative teams at Deer Park ISD have developed a plan for delivering online instruction to over 12,000 students through the iPad loan program.


Garrett Elementary teachers in Sheldon ISD surprised their students with a parade around the community. The students were so excited to see their teachers, while still social distancing!


Klein ISD has started a program where members of the district can share videos of themselves performing, called #musicallyinKLEINed! Students and faculty can upload videos of themselves practicing, singing, reading poetry, or any other form of performance.


The food service team at Royal ISD has been working hard to keep their students fed. Students can receive breakfast and lunch at the Falcon Drive-Thru service.


Angleton ISD students made banners to let their teachers know they are missed!


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