Colombia-Brazoria ISD Pre-K Teacher Mentors Students and Colleagues

Pre-K teacher David Raymond at Wild Peach Elementary is an energetic and enthusiastic person in and out of the classroom.

He uses his “off the clock” clown persona, Sweet Potato, to reach students on a personal level. Raymond combines his love for fun and learning into encouraging teaching methods that inspire character development. Mr.Raymond’s strong belief that love teaches better than anger has lead to exceptionally well-behaved and communicative students.

Principal Mary McCarthy expressed her appreciation of Raymond’s ability to design classroom activities into exciting adventures that grab students’ attention and keep them involved. “As a performer, he understands that teaching is a performance and that to engage young learners, the teacher must have high energy and engaging activities ready for the kids,” said McCarthy. Raymond not only leads and inspires his students but his fellow staff members as well. They are motivated by his ability to imagine unique and exciting ways to get through to his kids. Mr. Raymond is making real connections and teaching both students and colleagues skills that will serve them for a lifetime!

Colombia-Brazoria ISD Pre-K Teacher Mentors Students and Colleagues


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