Go Public Internship Program

My internship with WeGoPublic has been a very rewarding experience and I am so grateful to work with such a great team. I was able to learn skills that will benefit me in my career path in digital marketing. It’s exciting to be able to get firsthand experience in my field and will continue to expand my knowledge in marketing!

Kevin Hernandez

UTSA 2021, Marketing and Technology

Interning at Go Public was such an amazing experience. Being able to expand your skills, network, and grow out of your comfort zone was worth every challenge. What the team at Go Public is doing is amazing. Go Public welcomes everyone with open arms and is willing to help you if you ask.

Adan Tello

UTSA 2021, M.S. Business Administration

Intern Go Public UTSA

"Interning for Go Public was a great experience! I gained valuable knowledge in digital and social media marketing, and feel much more equipped to enter the workforce. I loved working with this team and would highly recommend this internship opportunity to anyone looking for professional experience."

Ashley Shope

UTSA 2022, Marketing

Being an intern at GoPublic has given me great and relevant experience for me to apply to jobs I never imagined.  You are placed in an incredibly supportive environment while expanding your list of business connections and references. I did land an amazing job because if this internship! 

Nick Patlan

UTSA 2021, Marketing

Internship Lauren Habhegger go Public

Working as an intern with Go Public gave me hands-on marketing experience and the ability to develop skills that have helped me in my marketing job today. It was an incredibly positive experience filled with heartwarming stories and a collaborative environment. --Lauren Habhegger (currently contracted with Go Public as the social media manager)

Lauren Habhegger

The University of Texas 2021, Psychology

"The leaders of this internship program have created such a warm and welcoming environment, and they are always there to help when needed. I have learned time management, marketing writing skills, design, and organization from my internship at Go Public. This internship truly gave me the confidence I needed to enter the workforce."

Julia Taub

The University of Texas 2022, Marketing

Interning at Go Public taught me the overall process and job duties of social media managers, from content gathering and production to multiple platform analytics.  The Go Public internship program focuses on the interns' individual interests and needs. Go Public offered me great background knowledge and a stepping stone for other experiences in the future.

Elly Kang

The University of Texas 2022, Studio Art



If you’re interested in an internship, please apply now.  

Seeking Undergrads and Grad Student Interns Interested in Marketing, Design, Writing, or Communications


  • Be a part of a non-profit, supportive, and positive team
  • 5 to 7-hour/week time commitment on your time. Attend one online weekly meeting on Tuesdays from 11AM-12PM.
  • Flexible schedule and remote work 
  • Hands-on experience in your field 
  • Advisors and mentors that care about your success
  • A reference and letter of recommendation with successful completion of the program 
  • Exciting work where you see your contributions in action
  • Opportunity to stay on and get promoted 

Scroll down for internship descriptions.

We typically work with the following majors. You do NOT need to have previous internship experience. Or any experience. In fact, this internship is a great stepping stone for you for future internships. We have a supportive, positive team. You will learn a lot and see results from your contributions. 

marketing internships


Marketing and business undergraduate students

Communication majors internships


Students focusing on any communication course of study

Graphic majors and internships


Students studying graphics arts and design

- Graduate business and communications students


Business and communication majors


You will gain experience with campaigns, social media, digital, and data analytics

  • Social media interns
  • Digital marketing interns
  • General marketing assistants 
  • Sales marketing enablement 


Get professional experience and possible publishing credits while making a difference

  • Writers and researchers 
  • Social media interns 

Graphic Designer and Content Creators:

Get experience with creative content strategy and creation 

  • Video creators/editors using either Canva, Wave, or Adobe Creative
  • Graphics designers and creators using Canva and/or Adobe Creative

Returning to the program? Get promoted! 

  • Event Marketing Coordinators
  • Intern Leads