Go Public strives to provide information to parents and guardians in building the best K-12 public educational experience for their child. When parents and guardians are more involved in their students’ education, the student realizes the interest that is taken and therefore they become more vested in building their own future. This student-led learning creates an environment where students want to continue to grow their academic interest. Some programs offer project-based learning where students are exposed to holistic views with each project they are involved with; this includes project development, managing activities, collaboration, and presentation. Project-based clubs goals are to create successful self-guided students that are equipped to be a participant in society. Due to the unique diversity of San Antonio, the school districts in San Antonio provide offer programs for dual language students. These programs can provide a wealth of opportunity for bi-lingual students, helping to promote their success in both languages. As students are going down their academic path, they will also have opportunities to have their interests peak through extra-curricular activities such as athletic sports teams and academic teams. Students involved in these teams also learn cooperative collaboration skills that can transcend into all areas of life. With a variety of unique programs offered throughout the San Antonio area, students and parents can be the directors of their own study. These programs are offered to students to help them find the best pathway for their interests throughout San Antonio-area ISDs.

The San Antonio-area ISDs offer these nine top programs: Magnets and Academics, After School Program, Athletics, Career, and Technical (CTE), Dual Language, Gifted and Talented, Pre-K, Special Education, STEM, and much more! There are approximately 180 specialized programs within each main program.


Extraordinary things happen when students take control of their own educational experience. Students own their learning, becoming proud and discovering where their potential can lead them. Unique programs offered at the school districts allow students to become more engaged, find their niche, and open up their minds to the endless possibilities for their future. These programs open up avenues to where their passions and successes could lead them in life.

Music Programs in San Antonio


Below are some of the programs offered throughout San Antonio-area ISDs. To learn more about each program and connect directly to your  Independent School District’s page, click on a link below

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