School districts throughout the San Antonio area provide pre-k programs that help lay a foundation for students’ futures. Their aim is to provide a safe and encouraging enirvoment so that they may be prepared for kindergarten and beyond

Throughout San Antonio, parents have an incredible opportunity to enroll their child in pre-K (pre kindergarten) in their own neighborhoods. The numerous benefits of a pre-K education are outlined on the National Education Association’s website, including reports and research, that outline  academic and developmental gains.  

  Reasearch has shown that early schooling contributes to long term success in school and life. Parents who enroll their child in a pre-k program give them a chance to be successful, to be kinder-ready, to be less at risk. These programs are designed to prepare students for their academic future, giving them a competative advantage for K-12. 

Below are the San Antonio-area ISD’s pre-k programs. 

Photo courtesy of Northside ISD