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Athletic Director Jason Brittain Angleton iSD

An interview with Angleton ISD Director of Athletics, Jason Brittain

What inspired you to become an athletic director?

I have always loved athletics and competing. I looked up to my coaches growing up because of the impact they can have on young people and the work ethic they displayed to me daily. What they did made a difference in people’s lives every day and I wanted to have a job that would allow me to do the same.

Angleton ISD has become a home to my family. My two boys (Jake and John David) are student athletes within Angleton ISD and my wife (Lauren) is a 4th grade teacher in the district. Our coaches, athletes, and community have true Wildcat Pride and it is evident throughout our town and at all of our athletic events. The community has high expectations for our teams and that is the attitude that we want to surround ourselves with.

At Angleton ISD, what has made you most proud?

I can point to many accomplishments over the years that are memorable in my time in CFISD. The state championship game runs experienced in the last decade by Cy-Fair football, Cy Woods girls basketball, Cy Falls boys basketball, Cypress Ranch baseball, Cy Creek girls basketball and our wrestling teams from Cy Ridge and Cypress Ranch are all important and stand out in my mind.

However, I think it is just as gratifying to see a team or program take meaningful steps of improvement because of the actions and abilities of a truly inspired coach.

Angleton ISD Sportsmanship Team of the Year
Sportsmanship Team of the Year

What do you believe are the benefits of athletics for students?

Young men and women come together to achieve common goals while learning how to overcome obstacles with other people that may have completely different backgrounds than themselves.

Angleton ISD State Football Semi Finals
State Semi-Finals
Angleton ISD state swim
State Swim

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