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Scott Moehlig Alief ISD

An interview with Alief ISD Director of Athletics, Scott Moehlig

What inspired you to become an athletic director?

I was very fortunate in life to have had coaches who provided me the skills necessary to become successful.  I have always enjoyed sports from an early age.  Throughout my life coaches have provided me such great learning experiences.  

As a former coach and a current athletic director, I have had many opportunities to change lives and have had an impact in the growth of many young people and coaches.  In a nutshell, I feel that it is important to share the blessings that I have been afforded in life.  I believe what coaches do on a daily basis is God’s work.

I am very proud of all our athletes and coaches in Alief ISD.  They are symbolic of going above and beyond and doing more than just what is required.  They carry themselves with integrity and represent this district with class.

At Alief ISD, what has made you most proud?

It would be very difficult to pin down just one moment or event, but what I am most proud of is our coaches and our athletes who sacrifice so much on a daily basis to become better people.  There are so many personal victories that take place daily in athletics.  These victories vary and range from academic improvement, athletic accomplishments, life changing behavior, etc.

Scott Moehlig Alief ISD Athletics Director

What do you believe are the benefits of athletics for students?

The most important benefits of athletics for students are to provide them with the character traits needed to work with and respect others and to have the tools necessary to become productive citizens and have the ability to reach their aspirations in life.

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