Schools Celebrate Black History Month

February has been known as Black History, or African-American History Month, since 1976. Every February, public schools spend considerable time honoring historical figures and celebrating events that have shaped America’s rich black history.  

Schools spotlight influential African-American activists and leaders like authors Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou.  Classes research significant historical locations like Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma. Students and teachers decorate school corridors and classroom doors with quotes and appreciation for the contributions African-Americans have made to our country’s diverse history.

Why do we celebrate African American History Month in February? 

Some interesting facts regarding African-American history in the month of February include:

-The Civil Rights Act of 1964, ending segregation in schools, was passed on February 10th, 1964.

-Black abolitionist writer Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln were born in February.

-The 13th Amendment abolishing slavery was adopted on February 1st, 1865.

-The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP,  was founded in February of 1909.

black history in my skin san anotnio isd

In honor of Black History Month, San Antonio PBS station KLRN presents Living in My Skin: Black Men in San Antonio Tell Their Stories. This documentary features stories from black men living in San Antonio. The project shines a light on what it’s like to be a local black man or boy, and it hopes to bring about a better understanding of the community. “Living in My Skin” features over 30 oil-on-linen portraits by Lionel Sosa, including one portrait of San Antonio ISD’s COO, Willie T. Burroughs.

Check out how a few of our schools recently honored African American History Month:

Madison High School in North East ISD uses technology to engage students by adding interactive scan codes to the Black History library display.
black history humble isd
Humble ISD's Maplebrook Elementary art teacher had each student design a square to create this stunning, cohesive mural.
black history schools
NEISD's Jackson Keller Elementary students created this wonderful homage while checking out books on influential black leaders.
black history teachers
North Shore Middle School staff in Galena Park ISD dressed in beautiful cultural attire honoring Black History.

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