RootEd is a true grassroots organization, created by a group of parents whose main goal was to advocate for local public schools. Their mission is to promote public schools through storytelling, educating parents on the importance of public schools, and advocacy at the state capital. The innovative and creative work that occur in the schools often go unnoticed. The reason RootEd was started is because of the rising numbers of parents and guardians searching for alternatives to public school for their students, not knowing of the amazing acts happening in the schools. Often, their reasons for not attending a public school was based on misconceptions.


RootEd strives to be an organization to tell the truth about what is really going on in public schools. Through the use of social media, RootEd is able to tell positive stories about public schools, casting a bright light on the amazing activities occurring in local schools. By capturing the great things happening in local schools, the spotlight can shine bright on the students, faculty, and staff.


RootEd believes all students benefit by having a public school educational experience, in turn creating a strengthened and flourishing community. No school is perfect, but the beauty of public schooling is going to school with neighbors. Not only are students receiving a well rounded education but they are also building stronger communities and neighborhoods. Students will be exposed to both racial and socio-economical diversity. By being exposed to such diversity, students can feel more empowered to ask questions about things they would have never thought to ask. There is a benefit to going to school with people who are different, making students better citizens someday.  

RootEd’s aim is simple: spreading positive messages on public school experiences from both parents and students, highlighting the important work done at the schools, replacing misconceptions with optimistic information, support any pro-public school candidates and legislators in the local and state government, and ensuring that parents have the truth about public school funding. RootEd is all about partnering with those who encourage a student’s public school education and wish to see their successes.

Download this infographic for you and your family when deciding which school is best.