Edgewood ISD Literacy Coach Thankful to Work in District She Loves


Melissa Machado of Perales Elementary School is an Edgewood alumnus and now works as a literacy coach in the district that she loves! A literacy coach works collaboratively with teachers, administrators, school board, and department staff to improve student achievement in literacy.

Melissa graduated from John F. Kennedy High School, and she says her goal was always to return to the Edgewood area where she grew up. “I love the sense of community and the authentic relationships I have built with my students and families in EISD. I am extremely blessed to be working in the district that I am a proud product of.”

We are so thankful that Edgewood provides this type of support for its teachers and students, and that former students return to continue to be #Edgewoodproud!!

Edgewood ISD's Women with Vision and Teen Board

Edgewood ISD Groups Collaborate to Better Education

Edgewood ISD’s Women with Vision and Teen Board met to share ideas on how to improve community and learning environments. The two groups were able to discuss teacher recruitment and teacher profiles.

The Teen Board is made up of students within the district that help decide policy at the district and state levels. Women with Vision is comprised of involved, informed, and engaging females within the district who are passionate about working together to better the district’s schools, teachers, etc.

Edgewood ISD hopes to continue the collaborative meeting of these two influential groups in order to build a network of support with one another and make Edgewood schools the best they can be.