GO PUBLIC WITH DAVID: Boerne ISD Pre-K Student Learns to Use Feet as Hands

Boerne ISD Disabled Pre-K Student Learns to Use Her Feet as Tools

4-year-old Rilyn Gonzalez of Van Raub Elementary School overcomes physical challenges with a smile.

She was born missing muscles in her upper body. The disability affects her whole body, and she is unable to use her arms or hands. Along with her teaching assistant and biggest cheerleader, Heidi, Rilyn has made huge progress toward learning how to use her feet as tools. She also took her first step this year!

Boerne ISD schools are dedicated to helping all students with disabilities to overcome obstacles with the goal of self-sufficiency. Rilyn is a shining example of perseverance and how much you can overcome with a positive attitude.


Southside ISD: Southside High School Student Finds Safety at School

In Southside ISD, student Robert Posada finally found a safe place to belong. Robert moved to Southside to escape dangerous surroundings in California. He is now flourishing as a successful senior, inspirational role model, skilled welder, and dedicated volunteer at Southside High School. He considers some of his Southside teachers to be family, like Priscilla Mota. Through friendship and guidance from SHS teachers, Robert will be the first in his family to graduate from high school, and he will begin college in the fall! This Southside Cardinal credits his school and it’s Cardinal traits, “Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible” for saving his life and helping him find his place and his calling.


Floresville Middle School Students Decorate the community

Go Public with David Visits Floresville ISD’s Generous Students

David Chancellor visits Floresville Middle School and shows us how the staff and students have come together to help spread Christmas cheer to others in the Floresville community.  What started with one tree and an idea from Principal David Lehman became a school-wide project which they hope will continue to grow!



Go Public with David (Floresville ISD)

This week's Go Public with David segment is from Floresville Middle School where the school spirit is matched by an amazing display of Christmas spirit.

Posted by David Chancellor on Monday, December 16, 2019