Go Public promotes the benefits of traditional public schools to help students and families make decisions about their educational pathways.


With 180 programs offered to students, they are empowered to discover their full potential.

With 180 programs offered to students, they are empowered to discover their full potential.


Our nineteen school districts educate all students to connect with businesses and our communities to reach their goals and dreams.


From accredited teachers to powerful partnerships - explore the benefits our programs, services, and resources offer your child.

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About the Go Public Campaign

Go Public promotes the benefits of academic and extracurricular programs in traditional public schools and the role schools and staff have on supporting the education of all children. Through success stories, resources, and direct connection to the ISDs, Go Public shines a spotlight on the impact public schools have on the community.  Learn more about how Go Public got started in San Antonio, the Go Public Gulf Coast campaign, and the partnership with Friends of Texas Public Schools by clicking the apple or here.

San Antonio Area School Districts

Parents and families face an array of choices when it comes to their child’s education.  During the 2019-2020 school year, we’ll promote the benefits, opportunities, and choices available in the San Antonio-area independent school districts and connect parents to information about educational pathways. And, along the way, we’ll celebrate those students and teachers who inspire through their achievements, stories, and extraordinary journeys.

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What Makes Traditional Public School Different?

Difference between Charter School and Public School

Among the numerous benefits in enrolling and graduating from one of San Antonio’s public schools is the confidence knowing that all teachers are degreed, accredited, and receive ongoing professional development training.  

With 180 academic and extracurricular programs available throughout San Antonio-area’s public schools, all students are empowered to discover, learn, and develop their full potential.

In addition to exploring our website and social media, please visit your school district’s website. To connect with your neighborhood schools, meet with the local PTA or Rooted, and even attending an event such as art showcase or football game.