About Go Public

Go Public is a campaign and initiative promoting the benefits and great things happening in traditional public schools. The campaign allows districts in a region to come together, pool resources, and promote their districts through promotion, outreach, and marketing. The Go Public initiative provides districts around the state of Texas marketing tools and utilization of the Go Public brand.


Five years ago, sixteen San Antonio-area Independent School Districts came together and formed Go Public, a 501 (c) 3. Since then, Go Public has grown to nineteen independent traditional school districts. The life-changing, positive things that happen every day drives Go Public’s efforts.  We also work to shine a light on the opportunities and choices traditional public schools provide all students.


2013 – Sixteen Independent School Districts (ISDs) in San Antonio began the campaign. San Antonio remains as Go Public’s central HQ.

2017 – ISDs in the Houston/Gulf Coast region came together to form their Go Public effort, Go Public Gulf Coast.

2019 – Partnership with Friends of Texas Public Schools through a marketing toolkit developed by Go Public.

Take a minute to learn about our sponsors. They are community-minded businesses and organizations that believe in the importance of public education. Please consider supporting our sponsors or contact us and learn how you can support our work.

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