What really matters in public education?

Response from “Ask Former Trustees – Clear Creek ISD Chapter”: Joanna Baleson, Ken Baliker, Jennifer Broddle, Bob Davee, Glenn Freedman, Ann Hammond, Charlie Pond, Page Rander, Dee Scott, Win Weber

We tend to think we know what is best for our own kids, but we do not always agree about the best way to educate all of America’s children. Fortunately, decades of research have provided insights about the optimal conditions for learning.

Why do these insights matter to a school board?

School boards are responsible for student growth and success. To achieve these goals, school boards use strategic planning, governance, budget approval, and a district’s overall accountability. For the best possible outcomes, school boards must understand how these components work together to create a successful educational system.

What matters in an educational system?

Remember the acronym MATTERS, bearing in mind that each of us sets the priorities for the relative importance of each domain.

Why education matters

Why does MATTERS matter to the community?

Student success is best supported and motivated by a community that is committed to student learning and that disregards extraneous issues and personal motives.

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