Friendswood ISD Sophomore Becomes First Female Varsity Kicker

Sophomore, Reagan Rudolph, made Friendswood High School history as the first female to dress for and play in a varsity football game.

Friendswood High School Football’s First Female Player

According to her father, John Rudolph, Reagan’s path to the game started at her younger brother’s football practice when she was in the seventh grade and she commented, “I can do that.”

When she kicked a 25-yard goal with her right foot, and then a 20-yard goal with her left, she decided to try out for the eighth grade Friendswood Junior High football team.

She continued kicking during her freshman year at Friendswood High School on the junior varsity team at the beginning of her sophomore year until she was moved to varsity when the backup kicker was injured.

first varsity female kicker friendswood

“It’s just beyond exciting that they give her the opportunity to do this,” said her mother, Sheila Rudolph. 

Reagan always knew it was possible, she just didn’t know when she’d get her shot. “I’m pretty consistent,” she said. “I make most of (the goals) so I knew they (would) have to put me up there at some point.”

female high school kicker parents

Reagan’s parents along with all of Friendswood and we at Go Public are so proud of Reagan Rudolph for making history in Friendswood ISD!

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